May 23, 2018  
University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 
University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BEd (After Degree) Elementary Education Route [Education]

Program Requirements:

The Elementary After Degree is based on ★54 - ★60 Education Course Requirements and additional Program Completion Requirements. Requirements completed prior to admission may reduce the length of the program.

Field Experience Terms


Only one of EDEL 305  or EDEL 316  may be taken within the Introductory Professional Term.

As EDEL 305  and EDEL 316  are pre/corequisites to the EDEL 302 , EDEL 321 , EDEL 325 , EDEL 330 , EDEL 335  and EDFX 325  courses, students must take at least one of EDEL 305  or EDEL 316  in Year 3 prior to the Introductory Professional Term.

Program Completion Requirements

Students who have not met the following requirements in their previous degree will need to fulfil them prior to obtaining their BEd degree:

★6 in English Literature and Composition
★3 in Mathematics


  1. Students should be aware of course prerequisites and refer to their individual program sheets for the proper sequencing of courses.
  2. Courses taken in the Field Experience Terms are normally taken concurrently.