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University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 
University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BA (Drama)/BEd (Secondary) Combined Degrees

General Information

(See also Bachelor of Arts (Drama)/Bachelor of Education (Secondary) Combined Degrees, BA/BEd )

This Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education Combined Degrees program consists of ★150 normally taken over five years of full-time study. Coursework within the two Faculties is taken concurrently. Students initially apply for admission to the Faculty of Arts and are considered to be registered in that Faculty for the first three years of the program. All qualified Year 3 Bachelor of Arts (Drama)/Bachelor of Education students will be promoted to Year 4 in the Faculty of Education provided a minimum GPA of a 2.3 has been achieved and a minimum of ★90 applicable to this program has been successfully completed. Please note that the Combined BA/BEd program requires a minimum of ★12 of 400-level DRAMA or above. A recommended program structure is outlined below. Since this program is very tightly constructed, and depends on careful sequencing of DRAMA courses throughout the five years of the program, we strongly encourage students to consult with program advisors prior to making any variations to this program.

Program Requirements

This information may also be found in Bachelor of Arts (Drama)/Bachelor of Education (Secondary) Combined Degrees, BA/BEd .

Year 1 (★30) Taken in the Faculty of Arts

★12 chosen from the following three Groups

(see Arts Chart 1 )

  1. up to ★6 Group 2 (Study of Cultures and Cultural Products)
  2. up to ★6 Group 3 (Study of Social Systems and Interactions)
  3. up to ★6 Study of Science

Remaining ★6 not taken in First Year chosen from the following three Faculty of Arts groups:

  1. Up to ★6 Group 2
  2. Up to ★6 Group 3
  3. Up to ★6 Study of Science

Year 4 and 5 (★60) Taken in the Faculty of Education

Students should refer to their individual Program Sheet for proper course sequencing.

Course Requirements (★30)

Field Experience Terms (★30)

Courses taken in the Field Experience Terms are normally taken concurrently.


  1. Admission to some DRAMA courses requires consent of the Department of Drama. It is recommended that students consult with advisors in Drama and Education upon acceptance into the program.
  2. Students are reminded that ★9 400-level DRAMA or above are required in total.