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University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 
University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Specialization in Mathematics and Economics [Science]

Continuation in the Specialization in Mathematics and Economics program requires successful completion of at least ★24 with a minimum 2.3 GPA and a minimum 2.3 GPA on all ECON, MATH and STAT courses completed in the previous Fall/Winter. In addition, graduation requires a minimum 2.3 GPA on all courses credited towards the degree and a minimum 2.3 GPA on all ECON, MATH and STAT courses credited towards the degree.

The program must contain the following courses. It is recommended that these courses be taken in the years indicated.

Years 3 and 4


  1. Each student's program must have the approval of the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences.
  2. Credit will not be given for ECON 299 , ECON 386  or ECON 387 .
  3. Students who are considering graduate work in Economics should take ECON 497 .
  4. Students are encouraged to take at least ★6 in ECON, MATH, or STAT in each Fall/Winter of the program.
  5. Credit in SCI 100 will be considered equivalent to MATH 114 , MATH 115 , CMPUT 174 , ★12 Science options (see details of courses ) and ★6 options.
  6. Credit in SCI 151  will be considered equivalent to ★6 Science options.

Science Internship Program

A Science Internship Program, similar to a co-op program, is offered to students in the General, Specialization or Honors programs in Mathematical and Statistical Sciences (see Science Internship Program  for guidelines to the program). The Science Internship designation will appear on the degree parchments of students who have participated in the program and who have also successfully completed MATH 400  or STAT 400 .