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University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 
University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Honors in Chemistry [Science]

Honors students in Chemistry must take a core of Chemistry and auxiliary courses. The core consists of ★45 in Chemistry courses, ★12 in Mathematics courses, ★6 in Physics courses, ★3 in BIOCH 200 , ★3 in CHEM 401 , ★6 in a junior ENGL or ★3 in ENGL and ★3 in Arts option, and ★12 in Arts options. In addition to the core courses, honors students must complete at least ★18 in senior courses in Chemistry from the courses listed below, with ★6 of these taken at the 400-level. Finally, the honors student must include ★15 in options in the third and fourth years of the program. These are normally chosen from offerings within the Faculty of Science (see details of courses ). All options must be selected in consultation with the Department of Chemistry.

Continuation in the Honors in Chemistry program requires successful completion of at least ★24 with a minimum 3.0 GPA and a minimum 3.0 GPA on all CHEM courses completed in the previous Fall/Winter. In addition, graduation requires a minimum 3.0 GPA on the last ★90 credited to the degree.

The Honors Chemistry degree is accredited by the Canadian Society for Chemistry.


Credit in SCI 100 will be considered equivalent to CHEM 101 , CHEM 102 , CHEM 164 , MATH 114 , MATH 115 , PHYS 144 , PHYS 146 , BIOL 107  and ★3 Science option (see details of courses ). Credit in SCI 151  will be considered equivalent to STAT 151  and ★3 Science option.

Science Internship Program

A Science Internship Program, similar to a co-op program, is offered to students in the General, Specialization or Honors programs in Chemistry (see Science Internship Program  for guidelines to the program). The Science Internship designation will appear on the degree parchments of students who have participated in the program and who have also successfully completed CHEM 400 .

Students should be aware that under the Protection for Persons in Care Act, all new employees, volunteers and other people engaged for services by designated agencies (hospitals, nursing homes, lodges, group homes, etc.) must complete a Police Information Check (also known as a Criminal Record Check, Security Clearance Check, or Police Clearance), which must include a Vulnerable Sector Check. In addition, certain other agencies, organizations, and educational facilities may require students to present a Police Information Check prior to entering a practicum, work placement term, internship, or field experience placement.

Students who have concerns related to their ability to provide a clear Police Information Check should consult with the Associate Dean, Undergraduate. Students will be informed of the need for a Police Information Check prior to specific practicum (field experience) placement. See Requirement for Police Information Checks  for more information on the general requirements concerning Police Information Checks and the fees associated with them.