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University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 
University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Family Ecology Major [ALES]

The Family Ecology major with minors in Aging, Child and Youth Studies, Community Diversity, Community Ecology, Community Nutrition, or International Development provides students with the opportunity to learn about family strengths, issues, prevention and intervention techniques across the life span. Some areas that will be covered are parent-child relationships, family relations, community diversity, community development, sexuality, family challenges, aging, and family finances. Graduates will work in jobs such as program coordinators, career counselors, family support workers, credit counselors, retirement planners, life skills educators, and community programmers.

Requirements of the Minor (★15)

Students registered in the Family Ecology Major must select one of the following minors:

Minor in Aging

This minor focuses on the personal, physical, social, and community strengths and challenges experienced by people in later life families.

Minor in Child and Youth Studies

This minor focuses on child and adolescent development from psychological and sociological perspectives, with an emphasis on vulnerable children and youth.

Minor in Community Diversity

This minor focuses on anthropological, historical, political, and sociological understandings of ethno-cultural and racial diversity that characterizes contemporary Canadian society.

Requirements of the Minor (★15)

Minor in Community Ecology

This minor focuses on human interaction with human-built physical environments in rural and urban settings.

Minor in Community Nutrition

This minor focuses on basic principles of nutrition across the lifespan, contemporary dietary patterns, and strategies for addressing nutrition problems and for promoting healthy diets in the community. (See notes)


  1. NUTR 100 is required as a prerequisite and must be taken as the Natural Science option in General Information .
  2. Students interested in this minor must take BIOL 107  as a Free Elective.
  3. There are potential course scheduling conflicts between HECOL and NU FS courses. Students should discuss course selections with their student advisor early in their program to avoid these conflicts.

Minor in International Development

This minor focuses on international issues and events related to economics, health, human rights, and politics, with a particular emphasis on developing countries.