May 23, 2018  
University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 
University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Human Dimensions of Environmental Management Major [ALES]

Students in this major will learn about the role of collective action, institutions, policy, and management approaches to address environmental and natural resource issues. A firm foundation in the natural sciences allows students to understand the complexities of environmental change and then focus on the social context and organization through which environmental problems are addressed. Students will take a variety of courses that will prepare them to work in the areas of natural resource management, parks planning, management and interpretation, public outreach for environmental and parks policies and programs, and in other settings as liaisons between members of the public and resource management agencies. See Environmental and Conservation Sciences/Native Studies Combined Degrees-Human Dimensions of Environmental Management Major, BSc/BA  for information on the BSc in Environmental and Conservation Sciences/BA in Native Studies combined degrees with the Human Dimensions of Environmental Management major.