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University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 
University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The Professors

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Teaching and Scholarship

The Faculty's undergraduate pharmacy program is considered one of the best in Canada and has been a leader in developing new curricular approaches and experiential models. An external review committee has ranked our Graduate Studies and Research Programs among the top programs in North America. Faculty members have received numerous awards for their research and teaching in recent years.

The Faculty's researchers attract numerous external research grants and contracts in 2013-2014. The Faculty has also excelled in transferring its research technology to the marketplace. Several of the University's spin-off companies originated in the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Members of the Faculty

Officers of the Faculty


JP Kehrer, PhD

Vice Dean

C Hughes, BScPharm, PharmD

Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies)

SH Simpson, BSP, PharmD, MSc

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Student Affairs)

D Brocks, PhD

Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs)

TJ Schindel, BSP, MCE

Assistant Dean (Administration)

F Hanta

Academic Staff


D Brocks, PhD (Pharmacokinetics)
A El-Kadi, PhD (Drug Metabolism)
C Hughes, BScPharm, PharmD (Clinical, Infectious Diseases)
F Jamali, PhD (Pharmacokinetics)
JP Kehrer, PhD (Toxicology)
A Lavasanifar, PhD (Pharmaceutics)
R Loebenberg, PhD (Pharmaceutics)
S Majumdar, MD (Patient Health Management)
C Sadowski, BScPharm, PharmD (Clinical, Geriatrics)
JM Seubert, MS, PhD (Pharmacology)
SH Simpson, BSP, PharmD, MSc (Diabetes Pharmacoepidemiology)
N Yuksel, BScPharm, PharmD (Clinical, Women's Health)

Associate Professors

M Doschak, MSc, PhD (Pharmacology of Bone Adaptation)
L Guirguis, BScPharm, MSc, PhD (Social Sciences in Pharmacy)
P Jurasz, PhD (Pharmacology)
M Makowsky, BSP, PharmD (Clinical, Primary Care)
AG Siraki, PhD (Toxicology/Drug Metabolism)
H Sunwoo, MS, PhD (Biopharmaceutical Biotechnology)
C Velazquez, PhD (Medicinal Chemistry

Clinical Associate Professors

T Charrois, BScPharm, MSc
SL Mitchell, MPharm, PhD
TJ Schindel, BSP, MCE
A Thompson, BScPharm, PharmD

Assistant Professors

K Barakat, PhD (Biomedical Modelling)
S Marsh, PhD (Pharmacogenomics)
U Ogbogu, LLB, LLM (Health Law)
J Ussher, PhD (Pharmacology)

Clinical Assistant Professors

R Bertholet, BScPharm, PharmD
R Breault, BScPharm, PharmD
K Cor, BEng, MEd, PhD
M Gukert, BScPharm
J Hall, BScPharm, PharmD
T Leslie, BSP
M MacDonald, BScPharm
S Mahmoud, BScPharm, MSc, PhD
C Necyk, BScPharm
S Patrick, PhD
R Sanghera-Grewal, BScPharm
J Shkrobot, BScPharm
S Walter, BScPharm

Professors Emeriti

JA Bachynsky, PhD
DF Biggs, PhD
LG Chatten, PhD
RT Coutts, PhD, DSc
EE Knaus, PhD
S McQuarrie, PhD
RE Moskalyk, PhD
FM Pasutto, PhD
A Shysh, PhD
LG Stephens-Newsham, PhD
LI Wiebe, PhD

Professional Officers

D Bialowas, BEd (Program Administrator, Experiential Education)
C Cox, BSP, MBA (Coordinator, Experiential Education)
S Drozd, MLIS (Program Administrator, PharmD for Practicing Pharmacists)
F Hanta (Assistant Dean, Administration)
L Shockey (Director, Development and External Relations)

Adjunct Academic Colleagues

GB Baker, PhD
D Birkholz, PhD
D Freitag, PhD
M Guirguis, PhD
LO Klotz, MSc, PhD
S Koshman, PharmD
H Lopatka, PhD
G Pearson, PharmD
S Rix, BScPharm, PharmD
YK Tam, PhD
G Tyrrell, PhD
H Uludag, PhD
D Wishart, PhD
F Wuest, PhD
M Zolezzi, BPharm, MSc

Clinical Academic Colleagues

The most current list of Clinical Academic Colleagues is available at: pharm.ualberta.ca/about-us/contact-us-and-people