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University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 
University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Continuing and Professional Education Programs

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The Faculty of Extension offers a number of non‑credit citation, certificate, and diploma programs.​



Aboriginal Community Industry Relations Certificate

ACIR is designed as a catalyst for community engagement between Aboriginal people, industry, and government in relation to issues of social and economic development as well as the environment. Lessons build upon Indigenous culture and worldviews as they pertain to legal processes, community development, and the environment. Participants will leave with knowledge, skills and attitudes that foster better relationships between government, industry and nations. For more information visit, e-mail,, or phone: (780) 492-7237.

Adults 50+

The Spring Term for Adults 50+ is offered in partnership between the Edmonton Lifelong Learners Association (ELLA) and the Faculty of Extension. The program is offered annually during the first three weeks of May on the University of Alberta campus. Participants choose up to four classes daily from more than 30 general interest courses in areas such as anthropology, history, philosophy, drawing and painting, psychology, music, literature and political science. To register, participants must be members in good standing of ELLA. For more information, visit, or e-mail, or phone (780) 492-5055.

Advanced Professional Program in English-medium Instruction (APPEMI)

The Advanced Professional Program in English-medium Instruction (APPEMI) is designed for higher education instructors whose native language is not English, but who use English to teach courses in their discipline. Instructors can expect to enhance their pedagogical confidence and skill, as well as their oral and written English, to meet the learning needs of international and domestic students in English-medium contexts. The program consists of seven, 13-hour pedagogical courses, and an optional English-language course, which can vary in length, depending on the participants' language needs. For more information visit‐and‐learning/appemi/, e-mail:, or phone (780) 492-8538.

Applied Geostatistics

The Citation Program in Applied Geostatistics (CPAG) assists mining, petroleum engineers and geoscientists better pinpoint the resource bodies they seek. CPAG is comprised of one course; it is ideally suited to those from industry who seek a more in depth understanding of modern geostatistical tools. For more information, visit, e-mail:, or phone (780) 492-5532. 

Applied Land Use Planning

The Certificate in Applied Land Use Planning is designed for practicing professionals involved in municipal planning development and bylaw enforcement. The applied and academically-based curriculum provides solid theoretical grounding while ensuring that practitioners can apply theory to practice. Land use planning is based on a multidisciplinary body of knowledge including: planning, geography, landscape architecture, environmental science, and use of Geographic Information Systems. The certificate is comprised of 8-10 courses. A combination of face-to-face and online instruction is used in delivering the program. For more information, visit, e-mail, or phone (780) 492-6914 or (780) 492-5532. 

Business Analysis 

The Professional Citation in Business Analysis focuses on the entire life cycle of a project; from initiation and diagnosis through to successful implementation of the solution. It is comprised of six courses. The citation is relevant to business managers, project managers, and systems analysts and those positioned between the business and technology sectors. For more information, visit,, or phone (780) 492-5066. 

Community Engagement Citation

The Citation in Community Engagement provides participants with an overview of the engagement process and essential skills for working with diverse communities. The program is comprised of one 39-hour core course and 70 course hours in electives. Participants will pursue their specific interests through a range of electives available in this and other programs within the Faculty of Extension. For more information visit or e-mail or phone (780) 492-7237. 

Construction Administration

The Certificate in Construction Administration assist entry-level personnel develop the competencies to effectively administer construction projects in a wide range of sectors. This certificate builds understanding of the planning, technical, financial, and legal aspects of the construction business. It is comprised of 7-11 courses. The certificate is accredited by the Canadian Construction Association for Gold Seal Accreditation. For more information, visit, e-mail:, or phone (780) 492-5532.

Environmental Resource Management

The Certificate in Environmental Resource Management prepares professionals at various career levels to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing and changing environmental sector. Knowledge and understanding of environmental issues is becoming increasingly important in business decision-making. The Certificate in Environmental Resources Management is comprised of 13-14 courses. For more information, visit, e-mail:, or phone (780) 492-5532. 

Global Leadership

The Advanced Citation in Global Leadership is for individuals interested in working within a global context. This advanced citation is comprised of three fully online courses which covers communication across cultures, complex intercultural situations, cultural perspectives and what influences individual values, beliefs and actions and leadership practices within different international organizations. For more information, visit,, or phone (780) 492-4315. 

Human Resources Management

The Certificate in Human Resources Management is for anyone working in human resources, as well as for individuals working in, or aspiring to fill, a supervisory role. This certificate is comprised of eight courses that cover such topics as: managing organizational change, interpersonal communication, maintaining healthy labour relations, organizational behaviour, and interviewing techniques. Participants review current challenges and issues to gain greater understanding and effective strategic thinking applied to the day-to-day operation of the human resources role. For more information, visit, or phone (780) 492-3027. 

Indigenous Community Engagement Citation

The Citation in Indigenous Community Engagement is designed to provide learners with skills and knowledge that foster better relationships between Canada's Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. A land-based course taught by Indigenous scholars and Elders, learners will leave with a better understanding of Indigenous worldviews and the way in which differing worldviews may impact relationship building and engagement. For more information visit, e-mail,, or phone: (780) 492-7237.

Information Access and Protection of Privacy

The Certificate in Information Access and Protection of Privacy provides an overview of access and privacy legislation and the application of access and privacy principles. It is comprised of five courses. The program is relevant to both the public and private sectors and is offered entirely via online delivery. For more information, visit, or phone (780) 492-5052 or (780) 492-2862. 

Information Technology Management

The Certificate in Information Technology Management was designed in consultation with information technology practitioners, business managers, and industry experts. The certificate is comprised of eight courses in areas such as: strategic planning, business management, business communication, evolving technologies, and managing change in an organization. This program assists participants with developing the necessary skills to effectively integrate information technology into the business environment. For more information, visit, or phone (780) 492-3027.


A range of general interest courses are offered such as Chinese, German, French, Italian, Japanese, and a Spanish Language Certificate. The focus is on the development of language proficiency through the four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing with a greater emphasis on oral communication. The cultural, historic and social aspects of the various languages provide learning contexts. For more information, visit, e-mail, or phone (780) 492-3034. 


The Advanced Certificate in Leadership is designed to provide emerging leaders with the opportunity to learn, experience, develop and practice leadership skills. This advanced certificate is comprised of six courses which cover topics such as; leadership styles and theories, negotiation, relationship management, change leadership, persuasive communication, generating buy-in, goal setting, and problem solving. For further information, visit, or phone (780) 492-3027. 

Management Development

The Certificate in Management Development is designed to equip participants with practical managerial skills and knowledge. The certificate is comprised of eight courses. Opportunities are available for those who wish to specialize in the Certificate in Management Development for Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists or the Certificate in Management Development for Police Services programs. Additionally, some courses are eligible for exemption towards various professional designations. For more information, visit, or phone (780) 492-3027. 

National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration

(NACLAA) Level I and NACLAA Level II

The National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration (NACLAA) Level I and II are long running, award winning programs that focus on the fundamental theories relating to the ideas, structure, and processes that define local government administration. Courses are offered in online and face‐to‐face format and are open to students across the country. The NACLAA Level I students are required to complete either eight online courses or five online courses and 117 elective hours. Level II credential requires students to complete four online courses. In essence, the NACLAA Level I and II programs can be completed entirely online but those Level I students that want to have an in class experience can choose to take up to four face‐to‐face elective courses.

Completion of both the NACLAA Level I and Level II, fulfills the educational requirements for the provincial professional designation of Certified Local Government Manager, which is conferred by the Society of Local Government Managers of Alberta. For more information, visit‐and‐leadership/naclaa/, or phone (780) 492-4315 or (780) 492‐2870.

Occupational Health and Safety

The Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety helps practitioners from many different backgrounds develop the competencies needed to effectively develop, implement, and evaluate health and safety programs and systems in a wide variety of occupational settings. The certificate is comprised of 10-12 courses which can be taken in a variety of formats including: online, face to face, and blended. The Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety helps prepare candidates for registration as a Canadian Registered Safety Professional with the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP), and assists Registered Occupational Hygienists maintain registration with the Canadian Registration Board of Occupational Hygienists (CRBOH) and the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH). For more information, visit, e-mail:, or phone (780) 492-3037 or 1-800-808-4784. 

Residential Interiors

The Certificate in Residential Interiors is comprised of nine courses and provides a comprehensive study of the application of the art and design of interior decorating and the use of principles from related areas of fine arts, architecture, and business. For more information, visit, e-mail or phone (780) 492-3034 or (780) 492-2408. 

Social Media Communications

The Citation in Social Media Communications explores how to effectively communicate in the social media age by focusing on social media tools, best practices for social media technologies, skills development in content, editing and layout. The program consists of six courses. For more information, visit, e-mail, or phone (780) 492-1185. 

Social Media Strategic Marketing

The Citation in Social Media Strategic Marketing focuses on the skills needed to create an effective, strategic social media plan that will enhance the organization's brand, reputation and customer relationships. The program consists of six courses. The citation is relevant to marketing and communication professionals, human resource practitioners and small to large business enterprises. For more information, visit, or phone (780) 492-1185.

Supervisory Development

The Citation in Supervisory Development provides existing, prospective, and new supervisors with the essential theory and applied skills required to be effective leaders within their organizations. The citation is comprised of seven courses. For more information, visit, or phone (780) 492-5066. 

Visual Arts

The Certificate in Visual Arts is an entry-level program that provides instruction in the techniques and skills of drawing, painting and design. Artists provide critiques and help in building a portfolio reflective of the learner's artistic vision and mastery. Visual Arts courses can also be taken for general interest. For more information, visit, e-mail, or phone (780) 492-3034. 

Writing and Editing

The Writing and Editing program offers general interest courses and workshops dealing with the basics of writing, creative writing (fiction and non-fiction), poetry, writing for digital media, technical and professional writing, editing and publishing. These areas are of interest to those who have chosen writing as a career, write primarily for personal expression and satisfaction, or would like to improve their writing for business or academic purposes. For more information, visit, e-mail, or phone (780) 492-1185.