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University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 
University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Major in International Business [Business]

Description of Field

The Faculty of Business recognizes the importance of providing an international perspective to the BCom program and is therefore committed to designing courses, programs, seminars and conferences through our Centre of International Business Studies. This major allows students to customize their program by choosing a particular country and language and then adding International Business courses, as well as courses in culture, history, economics, and other areas.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program will present a unique degree that enables career development in all areas of international business in Canada and abroad. The combination of business, language and cultural courses creates graduates with a flexible and broad view of the international trading community. Students in this major should consider a student exchange as part of their experience.

Sequence of Courses

Year Two—Winter

Year Three

Year Four


  1. See Policy on Elective Courses . Students majoring in International Business must have a minimum of ★12 in a second language, and it is recommended this be commenced by Year Two. Students should take their optional courses in culture, history, political science, economics and geography (Earth and Atmospheric Sciences) in their area of interest.
  2. May be taken in either of Year Three or Year Four.
  3. May be taken in any year except Year Two, fall term.
  4. International Business electives may be taken in either of Year Three or Year Four and must include a minimum of ★12 chosen from the following: ACCTG 442; B LAW 442 , B LAW 444 ; BUEC 444 ; FIN 442 ; MARK 442 ; SMO 417 , SMO 435 .
  5. See following section on Minors.
  6. Students planning to take advanced course work in Economics may wish to substitute ECON 281 . See Policy on Elective Courses (4) . ECON courses used to satisfy the requirements of this major may not also be used to satisfy the requirements for coursework outside the Faculty of Business.


  1. Students with a declared major in International Business are required to do a minor in another area of Business. See Minors for Business Students [Business] . International Business students are permitted to count one of the secondary core courses required in the International Business major as one of the four courses constituting their minor.
  2. Students with a declared major in another area may complete a minor in International Business by fulfilling the requirements of Minors for Business Students [Business] .