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University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 
University of Alberta Calendar 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BSc in Agricultural/Food Business Management

General Information

This program is for students interested in applying business skills and tools to management of organizations in the agriculture and food industries. Agricultural/Food Business Management graduates develop a strong understanding of business concepts and principles applied to these sectors and have a basic knowledge of the scientific processes involved.

The program provides the background for a career in an agricultural or food business setting. Graduates may choose careers in management, sales or finance, but they also have the ability to interact comfortably with technical specialists and have a good understanding of the products and processes with which they are involved. Graduates may become scientists and technical specialists with a deeper understanding of business management.

The program is offered jointly by the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences and the Faculty of Business. Although it is administered in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences, the program is managed by an interdisciplinary committee with representation from both Faculties.

See BSc in Agricultural/Food Business Management  for admission information and recommended courses in the first year of studies.

Students are provided with the analytical, scientific and educational foundation on which to build the business and technical components of their field. Students in both majors take courses in business  including accounting, finance, marketing and human resources. Each student in the program is expected, through a Capstone course, to integrate knowledge from the agricultural or food sciences with the business management disciplines.


  1. Food Business Management majors are required to take BIOL 107  or BIOL 108 .
  2. Approved Program Electives include ALES electives offered by the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences, and BUS electives offered by the Faculty of Business.
  3. See Degrees Offered  for program planning and structure details.